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Acoustic bass guitars have become an integral part of today's modern music. But bass guitars have not only been around since the unplugged concerts. Even in the world of classical music, the bass guitar was and is an integral part. Today, it is most often seen in its original form in Mexican mariachi bands. Thanks to modern pickups and amplifiers, bass guitars have become smaller and lighter without compromising on sound. A good example of this are the increasingly popular ukulele basses. These easily transportable instruments are being used more and more often by famous bassists and some of them, such as Ken Taylor (Peter Maffay Band), not only have signature acoustic basses but also signature ukulele basses. At Just Music you will find a large selection of bass guitars and ukulele basses from well-known manufacturers such as Ortega, Furch, Warwick, Ibanez, Alvarez and Kala. And in every shape and form, whether as a four-string, five-string or fretless, JustMusic has a large selection of acoustic bass guitars and ukulele basses.