Item number: 10058507

Dunlop System 65 Complete Guitar Setup Kit

Maintainance and Care
This kit has everything you need to keep your guitar in top playing shape, whether you're doing a quick string change or a complete setup: a Gig Light, Micro Fret Cloth, Fret Collars, String Cutters, Screwdriver, Formula 65™ Cleaner-Polish, Superlube® Gel Pen, String Action Gauge, Microfiber Polish Cloth, Multi-Tool, and Stringwinder.
  • Setup, maintainance and string change toolkit for guitar
  • 1x DGT01 Gig Light
  • 1x 5410 Fret Polish Cloth
  • 1x DGT05 Fret Collars
  • 1x DGT07 String Cutter
  • 1x DGT06 Screwdriver
  • 1x 651 Formula 65 Cleaner-Polish
  • 1x 6567 Superlube Gel Pen
  • 1x DGT04 String Action Gauge
  • 1x P65MF7 Suede Microfiber Polish Cloth
  • 1x DGT02 Multi-Tool
  • 1x 114SI Stringwinder
  • 1x DGT03 Uni Wrench
  • Comes in a sturdy, gig-bag-friendly EVA hard shell case with soft cover
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