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We often have guitars and basses being repaired in the shop, where the instrument has fallen over while vacuuming, has been torn out of the stand while passing by, or the children have reached it while playing (unintentionally, of course) - it has all happened... To avoid such things, the instrument usually ends up in the case. And then? "Out of sight, out of mind". The wall holder is the solution. It saves space and the instrument decorates the room. It also helps you to overcome your "inner weakness" when practising every day, because the guitar is always ready to hand and easy to play.
  • Wall-mounted guitar wall holder
  • intelligent Auto-Grip system with gravity lock
  • provides permanent security through self-closing brackets
  • swivel joint enables optimal alignment even for instruments with asymmetrical headstocks
  • softener-free foam guarantees optimal protection even for instruments with sensitive nitro lacquers
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Electric Guitar / Electric Bass / Acoustic Guitar
Stand Guitar/Bass




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