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Peter Hess phKS9-G Therapieklangschale

Singing bowl
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The Peter Hess therapy singing bowls with all their vibration and sound characteristics have been specially developed for sound massage. The frequency spectra and vibration properties of the singing bowl are particularly important for the corresponding areas of the body.
The basis for the construction and manufacture is the ancient knowledge of the Nepalese forging technique and the composition of the material.
The singing bowl has a wide, overtone-rich sound spectrum and can be used universally with different keys for the whole body, also wonderful for the foot and hand reflex zones. Hence the name: universal bowl.
The joint bowl, also called universal bowl, has a thin wall and is characterised by an intensive vibration. If this singing bowl is played with different keys, the sound character can be changed. This means that with small, hard keys this singing bowl becomes very dominant in its overtone chain (all the bright tones are clearly brought out).
With thicker, soft keys this bowl sounds much deeper and the strongly dominant, low frequencies become audible and noticeable. Thus, this bowl has its place in its application with the different mallet techniques on the whole body.
  • Model: phKS9-G
  • Diameter: 21 - 22 cm
  • Height: approx. 8 cm
  • Weight: 900 - 1000 g
  • Special metal alloy made of 12 different metals
  • Ideal for the foot and hand reflex zones as well as a universal bowl
  • Ideal introduction to the world of singing bowls
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1000 g




22 cm

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