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Koshi Chime Set 4 Stk Terra, Aqua, Ingis, Aria

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Koshi Chime Erde
1 x Koshi Chime Erde
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Koshi Chime Wasser
1 x Koshi Chime Wasser
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Koshi Chime Luft
1 x Koshi Chime Luft
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Koshi Chime Feuer
1 x Koshi Chime Feuer
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The high quality Koshi chimes are handmade in the French Pyrenees and are available in 4 sound melodies. Each melody has its own special magic and they all harmonise perfectly with each other. A Koshi chime is not just a simple wind chime, but an authentic musical instrument and the result of extremely careful craftsmanship. The surface is veneered with a very thin layer of oiled bamboo wood, which gives the Koshi chime a noble appearance and further refines its sound. As soon as the Koshi chime starts to vibrate, a small plate inside the sound cylinder gently touches eight bars of different lengths, which are welded in a circle with silver to the bottom of the sound cylinder. Precise tuning of the bars creates clear tones that are rich in overtones. Wonderful for ending a meditation, but also as a sonorous Feng Shui wind chime.
  •  Model: Koshi Set 4 Chimes Earth, Fire, Air, Water
  • Material: surface oiled bamboo veneer
  • Dimensions: 165 mm high, diameter approx. 63 mm
  • Origin: France
  • Weight: 135 g


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