Item number: 14008720

Meinl CY-RIVET Sizzle Rivet Silver

Cymbal Rivets
Rivets are used to give a special character to the sustain of a cymbal.
To attach to the cymbal, simply insert the rivet into the hole and bend the bottom ends outwards.  Rivets are available in Silver Nickel and Brass Plated Steel, allowing for a wider range of sound options. If the cymbal has holes because it already had rivets or if existing rivets are to be replaced s, the Meinl Sizzle Rivets are perfect.
Disclaimer: These rivets are for use in existing holes, drilling new holes in a cymbal will void the warranty.
  • Model: CY-RIVET
  • Replacement rivets for cymbals with existing holes for rivets
  • Material: Silver-plated steel
  • Set of 3
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