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Liquid Light Acou... Nexus Olymp

Steel Tongue Drum
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Steel tongue drums are melodic percussion instruments. Since their development was first advanced on small gas tanks, they bear the nickname "tank drum". The fascinating thing about these innovative instruments is the ease of play, the richness of variation, the mobility and the simple elegance of the sound. Steel tongue drums are suitable for the playful discovery of ever new melodies and shine through their lovely, relaxing and meditative effect.
  • Model: Nexus
  • Sound model name: Olymp
  • Tuning name: Olympicana
  • Scale: hexatonic
  • Material: stainless steel (V2A)
  • Tongues: 8
  • Tones: H D E F# G# A H D
  • Harmonics per reed: 1 (octave)
  • Diameter: 35 cm (approx. 14")
  • Height: approx. 16 cm
  • Weight: approx. 5 kg
  • incl. mallet
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Steel Tongue Drums


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