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Remo 12" Ambassador Vintage Coated VA-0112-00

Tom snare head
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Vintage A is the skin that changed the world in 1957! It was the first successful alternative to calfskins. The Vintage A lives on under the name Ambassador Vintage Coated. It consists of 2 layers of Mylar foil in 0.19 and 0.08 millimetre thickness. REMO describes the Ambassador Vintage Coated with the responsiveness of the Diplomat Coated, the focused mids of the Emperor Coated and the durability of the Ambassador Coated.


  • Model: VA-0112-00 Ambassador Vintage Coated (formerly Vintage A)
  • 12" percussion head
  • Skin thickness: 2 layers of mylar film, 1 x 0.19mm + 1 x 0.08mm rough coated
  • both layers are not glued together
Technical data

Colour & Finish

Roughened / Coated


Double Layer


12'' Tom Heads
12'' Snare Drum Heads


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