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Tama HP900PN Iron Cobra Single Pedal Power Glide

Single-foot machine
Tama's Iron Cobra Fu;pedal HP900PN with Power Glide Chain Drive features an eccentric chainring for powerful play.
  • Model: HP900PN Iron Cobra 900 Single Pedal Power Glide
  • Drive: Power Glide Chain Drive (double chain with eccentric chainring)
  • Power-Strike Cobra Beater: Produces a fatter sound; better performance because the beater hits the head exactly perpendicular
  • Swivel Spring Tight: Movable spring suspension for a much smoother feel
  • Hinge Guard Block: Heel plate and hinge made of three separate components for more robustness
  • Lite Sprocket: "LiteSprocket design from the Speed Cobra series for a more natural, smoother feel 40% lighter than the conventional chainring
  • Para Clamp II Pro: Perfected tensioner clamp
  • Super Stabilizer Design: Larger base plate and wider frame design for more stability
  • Cobra Coil: Spring under the base plate
  • Professional ball bearings from Oiles
  • Vari-Pitch Beater Holder: allows for multiple angle adjustments of the beater
  • Hardshell Case: Robust carrying case
  • Includes tuning key Drum Hammer DH7 Tuning Key
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