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Sabian HH Garage Ride 18'' 118102 Natural

Ride cymbal
The Garage Ride is a unique cymbal in the HH series. It was developed together with the German drummer Claus Hessler and offers an earthy, dark sound with excellent stick definition and balanced sound behaviour.The picture or imprint may vary.
  • HH Garage Ride
  • Size: 18"
  • Material: B20
  • Medium Thin
  • Natural Finish
  • Earthy, dark sound character with excellent stick definition and balanced tone
  • When played with the shank, initially primarily changes the sound - not the volume
  • Sounds bigger than 18 and doesn't have to hide from normal ride cymbals
  • It's ideal as an all in one cymbal for smaller unplugged/acoustic gigs with sensitive volume ratios.
  • Tolerates more powerful playing without immediately becoming unpleasantly loud and uncontrolled
  • Ideal, stylistically versatile addition that gives your already existing cymbal set even more personality
  • Distinguished look due to the hand-hammered surface
Technical data


Regular / Traditional
B20 Bronze



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