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Masterwork Oxygen 24'' Extra Thin

Ride cymbal
Masterwork Cymbals has been manufacturing high-quality cymbals for every style of music in Turkey since 2002. All Masterwork series are handmade from a B25 alloy, which has a much finer response than the classic B20 cymbals. The Oxygen series is manufactured with a high quality standard from this first-class alloy. Another special feature of the new Oxygen series is that after hammering and turning, the cymbals are briefly chemically treated and then dry-rubbed with sand. This elaborate final step gives the Oxygen cymbals their unique appearance and an impressive warm and soft sound. The buttery-soft feel of the extremely thin Oxygens is also outstanding - the sticks literally dive into the cymbal.
  • Oxygen 24'' Extra Thin Ride Cymbal
  • Material: B25
  • Finish: Preaged
  • each cymbal may differ optically
  • Made in Turkey
Please note that this item is offered as B-stock and may therefore have slight optical defects. The original packaging may be damaged or missing. B-goods are checked by us for full functionality and sold as technically flawless. Of course, there are no di
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