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Paiste Signature Thin China 16"

China Cymbal
PAISTE Signature Cymbals are designed for the highest demands. They are handcrafted by conscientious artisans from the unique PAISTE sound alloy. Eight years were spent on the development of this alloy alone.PAISTE Signature Cymbals are the first and so far best example of the sound potential of this alloy. The sounds range from delicate, clear beauty to powerful explosive expression.Application: All volume spectrums - Live and studio recordings - All styles of musicSound: Musical, transparent, rich, colourful - Full, clear, expressive sound - The series offers particularly delicate, sensitive, expressive and powerful characteristics.
  • Model: Signature Thin China
  • Size: 16"
  • Alloy: Patented Signature Bronze
  • handcrafted in Switzerland
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