Drums & Percussion

Dive into the world of percussion instruments

From small percussion to marching cymbals to drum bundles - dive into the world of percussion instruments!

In 2022, the drum kit was voted Instrument of the Year. No wonder. After all, the importance of percussion instruments in contemporary music has increased enormously in recent decades.

The first complete drum set was introduced to the market in 1918 by the Ludwig Drum Company. Until the end of the 60s, drumsets were mainly produced in the USA (Ludwig, Gretsch), Great Britain (Premier) and Germany (Sonor, Trixon). 

From the 60s onwards, drum sets increasingly came from Asia (Tama, Yamaha, Pearl).
At the end of the 90's, the use of drum computers increased - also in order to save expensive studio time - and at the beginning of the 2000's, drums experienced a real renaissance. 

At that time, electronic drums came onto the market, which could finally be used as an adequate replacement for the classic drum sets and which have since found their permanent place among the drum sets.

We carry all popular products from Sonor, Meinl, Gretsch, Tama, Pearl Yamaha, Roland and many others in our assortment.

In our drum department on the 4th floor of our store at Moritzplatz you will find a huge selection of acoustic drum sets, e-drums, cymbals, and drum hardware including Orff instruments, children's and concert percussion.

In the various rooms, a soundproofed, mobile test cabin and the large cymbal room, all instruments can be tested extensively. The professional competence of our colleagues on site will help you on your way to better drumming.
Our staff will also be happy to give you useful tips on the care of cymbals and drums, as well as on the correct tuning of the heads.

We look forward to your visit.