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Numark Scratch

2-channel DJ mixer
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The Numark Scratch is a 24-bit, 2-channel mixer that delivers professional features and a full-featured software suite at a price that's hard to believe. It combines built-in Inno-faders, performance pads, instant loop encoders and toggle paddles to deliver software-based effects in a solid metal chassis. With its unparalleled price, it sets a new standard in its mixer category - there is simply nothing that combines the features, versatility, ease of use, quality and performance of this unit at this price.

The Numark Scratch offers a versatile range of features not found in this category of affordable mixers: Six dedicated software FX buttons provide quick access to a comprehensive range of effects with timing and intensity controls. These effects are triggered by a pair of intuitive toggle paddles normally found only on high-priced mixers.

Simplified looping! Select your loops by simply pressing the encoder and change the length intuitively with just one turn. Turning to the left shortens and turning to the right lengthens the loop at the tempo of the corresponding track. You'll quickly get the hang of it!

Play your best set with the best mixer! The quality of the Numark Scratch is unrivalled. With an impressive 108 dB signal-to-noise ratio and 24-bit digital sound quality, Scratch guarantees you'll always get the best out of your set. There's also a software-independent bipolar low-pass/high-pass filter that works just as comfortably and effectively with analogue turntables as it does with software-based effects units and controls, ensuring maximum versatility!

The Numark Scratch delivers everything the professional turntablist needs, including a buttery-smooth InnoFADER. Designed specifically for scratch DJs, this high-quality crossfader offers absolute reliability that's perfect for even the toughest turntablist and non-stop action. There are even reverse and slope controls to suit any preference.

  • Serato DJ Pro with DVS licence
  • Serato NoiseMap™ capable of using Control Vinyls or CDs (sold separately)
  • InnoFader Scratch crossfader with reverse and slope control
  • 6 effect selectors with two paddle triggers and dry-wet FX control
  • 8 performance pads for access to hot cues, rolls and samples
  • Bipad control;pads with two paddle triggers and dry-wet FX control
  • 8 performance pads for accessing hot cues, rolls and samples
  • Bipolar filters for creating audio sweeps
  • Dedicated instant loop controls
  • Phono / line inputs
  • Pad controls with reverse and slope control
  • Allows the user to select the desired effect;nge
  • Combined microphone input (XLR / 6.35mm jack) with level and tone control
  • 108 dB S / N output with 24-bit digital sound quality
  • High-performance balanced XLR connection
  • Separate Booth and Zone output
  • Dual headphones;rer output with cue system (3.5mm and 6.35mm jack)
  • Prime Loop Sound Pack included (worth $200)
  • SoundSwitch lighting control software 2-month subscription included
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