DJ Media Players

Play music from your computer, smartphone or USB stick!

DJ media players have become increasingly important in recent years and are now an indispensable part of many clubs. Play your music from various media such as a USB stick, an SD card or a tablet.

DJ Media Players
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DJ media players

USB, CD and streaming

DJ media players are devices that can process not only one but several media - for example USB, CD or network. There are some differences here. Similar to CD players, there are also rack devices or tabletop players. The rack version is ideal for use in the classic catering trade or in bars. It can be easily installed behind the bar and is therefore easier to operate. Tabletop media players can be found in almost every club in the world. They now have almost all common connections. The CDJ series from Pioneer is particularly well known. It has been the standard for high-end clubs and bars worldwide for many years.