DJ Effects Units

Effects perfect for DJs!

Effects units can make your performance as a DJ even more versatile. Use effects like reverb, flanger and delay to enhance your tracks.

DJ Effects Units
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DJ effects units

More than just reverb and echo.

More and more DJs are looking for effects units to enhance their performance. While there are plenty of mixers or controllers that already have effects built in, there are certain sounds that can only be created with special FX devices. There are also many differences within the effects family. The spectrum ranges from modulation effects to loop devices to multi FX and samplers. It is not uncommon for DJs to use classic guitar or keyboard effects. For example, in some setups you will find products from Strymon or Elektron. In our shop, you will find the best manufacturers such as Pioneer, Strymon, Korg, Boss, Roland, Lexicon, Elektron and TC Electronics.