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In order to be able to enjoy the vinyl collection in optimal sound, the turntable tonearm and cartridge should always be adjusted correctly and maintained regularly. The Reloop Turntable Cartridge Mount & Gauge Set includes everything you need for the perfect adjustment, care and cleaning of turntable and cartridge.
  • All-in-one set for setting, adjusting and cleaning turntable tonearm and cartridge.
  • Mirrored SME adjustment template for alignment of the cartridge
  • Highly efficient cleaning fluid to remove dirt and vinyl residue
  • Metal screwdriver for mounting headshell systems
  • Spirit level bubble for aligning cartridge systems and balancing turntable, CD player and other equipment
  • Tonearm scale for determining the needle contact force with 5 balancing weights (0.5g - 3g)
  • Tweezers
  • High quality storage box


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