Oboes & Bassoons

Like the bassoon, the oboe is a double-reed instrument. Oboes are available with semi-automatic and fully automatic reeds. These differ in the structure of the two octave keys.

Oboes & Bassoons

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Oboes and bassoons

Double-reed instruments

The oboe is a woodwind instrument and belongs to the shawm family and is blown by a double reed. Through a special breathing technique, oboists can inhale and exhale simultaneously and play long passages. Their sound is versatile and penetrating and is mainly used in the orchestra. In 2017, the oboe will be the "Instrument of the Year". Yamaha student instruments are made of ABS synthetic resin and give the typical woody oboe tone. They are mainly made of grenadilla. The bassoon also belongs to the group of double-reed instruments and is also represented in the orchestra. The bassoon differs in structure from the oboe. Here, too, there is the possibility of starting with children's bassoons.

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