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Hohner Golden Melody Progressive C-Dur

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The Golden Melody Progressive, HOHNER's only diatonic model tuned to equal temperament, has been radically redesigned to improve handling, stability and air tightness.
While retaining the warm sound that has made it a favourite of single-note melody players in many different styles, the new Golden Melody Progressive offers a fuller, more powerful sound combined with optimum playing comfort. And it looks damn good too!

  • Model: HOM54401X
  • Ergonomically shaped stainless steel lid for comfortable handling and increased stability
  • Innovative lid fastening with countersunk Torx screws
  • Comb body with rounded outer edges and polished Ultraglide mouthpiece for improved playing comfort
  • Increased air tightness and volume due to completely new comb and lid design
  • Precision-milled Hohner Classic brass reeds
  • Reeds manufactured to the tightest tolerances for maximum air tightness
  • Equal temperament supports playing of single note melodies in all positions and keys
  • Beautiful, sturdy case made of high-quality printed cardboard
  • Attractive update retains original styling while offering numerous improvements
  • The best choice for playing single tone melodies
  • Excellent handling combined with great musical performance
  • 20 reeds
  • Reedplates made of 0.9 mm brass
  • Red plastic comb
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Made in Germany
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