Baritone Horns

The baritone horn has 3 or 4 valves and is closely related to the tenor horn. You can also find Oberkrainer models with a turned bell front. With brands like Melton, B&S or Cerveny, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Baritone Horns
Bb- Baritone horn
Bb- Baritone horn
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Bb- Baritone Horn Bellfront
Bb- Baritone Horn Bellfront Oberkrainer

Baritone horns

Warm sound

The baritone horn belongs to the brass family. It can easily be confused with the tenor horn because of its close resemblance. The shape, valves and material are, on a rough look, already the same. The baritone horn is written in bass and treble clef, usually has four rotary valves and an oval shape with the bell pointing slightly upwards. The baritone horn also finds its place in the orchestra. Because of its warm and melodious sound it is used for secondary melodies just like the tenor horn and euphonium. Here you will find baritone horns from Melton, Miraphone, Cerveny, B&S and other manufacturers.

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