Item number: 10016593

Mollenhauer 6138 Antikondens

Anti-Heiser for recorder
Recorder hoarseness can be caused by condensation water droplets in the wind tunnel.MOLLENHAUER Antikondens consists of a mixture of water and organic rinsing agent that reduces the surface tension of the condensation water: This means that it no longer forms annoying droplets, but flows off as a smooth film. It is best to drip the anticondensation into the wind tunnel outlet from below, so that it can spread over the block and the top of the channel. Then blow vigorously into the opening and cover the hole at the bottom of the head airtight: excess anticondensation is blown out and can be wiped off at the windway entrance. To prevent hoarseness, the head of the flute should be warmed up well before playing (wear it on your body). If the flute has a persistent tendency to hoarseness after the playing-in period, the block may have swollen too much. In this case, a check in our recorder clinic will help.
  • 22 ml

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