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Accessories for woodwind instruments

Care, replace and optimize

The right accessories for woodwind instruments are just as important as your instrument. Saxophones, clarinets, oboes and bassoons need reeds, also known as reeds. The exchange or replacement of mouthpieces, reed screws or capsules will become interesting for you after some time in order to optimise your playing and sound. The right strap is just as much a part of the fun of making music. BG, Neotech and other manufacturers offer you different versions. Cleaning and care should also be a big issue. Pull-through wipers and wiper brushes for cleaning the inside or silver cleaning cloths and polishes for cleaning the outside are highly recommended. Stands are more suitable for storing your wind instrument than a table or chair. The manufacturers König & Meyer or Hercules offer a wide selection. You are looking for other accessories such as thumb holders, pickups, etc.? Then take your time and have a look around.