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La Tromba Cork & Slide-Grease - 15 g

Cork Grease Draw Grease Tin
This train and cork grease is a high-tech product among lubricants. It is very temperature-stable and age-resistant and reliably prevents the slides or corks from sticking. With its outstanding properties, it is the ultimate grease for musical instruments, isolating the condensation from the tuning slides and thus preventing corrosion and seizure of the inner slides. It is a relatively "stiff" grease with just the right consistency for optimal slide action. It is often used to lubricate the seals of slides whose precision is not optimal. At the same time, it is also an ideal grease for maintaining and greasing the tenon joints on woodwind instruments. The cork is protected from moisture and remains supple with ideal lubricating properties.
  • Dose of 15g
  • Ideal lubricating properties
  • Prevents trains from sticking
  • Condensate repellent
  • Keeps the cork supple
  • Temperature stable
  • Very good adhesion
  • Ageing resistant
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