Accessories for brass instruments

Care and maintenance

The right accessories for brass instruments are just as important as your instrument. The exchange or replacement of mouthpieces will become interesting for you after some time in order to optimise your playing. Your trumpet or trombone is too loud and you can't practise properly or you want to change the sound? Then we recommend mutes from Denis Wick, Jo-Ral, Best Brass, Viogt Brass and others or the Silent Brass mutes from Yamaha. A light case with a backpack set is comfortable and pleasant to carry, especially if you are travelling by bike or have longer distances ahead of you. Fusion and Gewa offer a large selection here. Cleaning and care should also be a big issue. Wiper brushes and oils for cleaning the inside or silver cleaning cloths and polishes for cleaning the outside are highly recommended. Stands are more suitable for storing your wind instrument than a table or chair. König & Meyer or Hercules offer a large selection. You are looking for other accessories like pickups, ... Then take your time and have a look around.