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Korg TM-60 schwarz

Tuner and metronome
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The TM-60 comes with a two-level backlight of the LC display. The LCD needle responds at lightning speed and reliably displays the tuning at all times. For the first time in this series, the entry-level model also offers the popular Sound Back function, which ensures that the internal speaker outputs the correct pitch of the detected note, helping you hit the right intonation in no time.
  • The tuning and metronome functions are available simultaneously when needed, so rhythm and intonation can be practised at the same time.
  • Fast-response LCD needle meter
  • High detection range (C1~C8)
  • Internal speaker for reference tone output thanks to Sound Out function
  • The Sound Back-.function generates the reference tone
  • Supports a wide concert pitch frequency range
  • Markers for specifying pure third intervals (major and minor third)
  • Tempo adjustable in the range 30~252 beats/minute
  • 15 rhythm variations for a variety of different musical styles
  • Convenient tempo setting with two tempo step patterns
  • Tap Tempo-Function
  • Newly designed stand and battery cover
  • Setting buffer and power saving function
  • Large backlit LCD adjustable in two levels

  • Scale: 12 tones, equal temperament
  • Range of detection: C1 (32.70Hz)~C8 (4186.01Hz) when receiving a sine wave
  • Reference tone range: Three octaves: C3 (130.81Hz)~C6 (1046.50Hz)
  • Tuning modes: Meter, Sound Out, Sound Back modes
  • Chamber tone frequency: A4= 410~480Hz (in 1Hz steps)
  • Measurement accuracy: Better than 1 cent
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Korg TM-60 schwarz

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