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Caruso Hustenbonbon

Lozenges for the voice
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For the power of your voice. Even back then, the great tenor Caruso found the effect of CARUSO to be beneficial and soothing.

The original recipe from 1877 is still popular today with all those who want to give their voice strength and sound.
With the best extracts and herbal ingredients,

Caruso sweets are particularly popular with singers, speakers and other people who sing and speak a lot in their daily lives. Teachers, lawyers and notaries, speech therapists, presenters, interpreters; they and many others all benefit from the soothing effect of the little sweets, which, with their herbal &oum;ls and extracts, have a beneficial effect on the mouth and throat. Caruso cough sweets are vegan.

  • Come in a practical, small 60g tin
  • It fits perfectly in any handbag or jacket pocket
  • Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, sü&aptrap;wood extract, natural flavourings, vegetable oil, colour: vegetable carbon
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